Concept of Our Business

Takano Woodworks integrates its production process from the planning / designing of its original products to the manufacturing within its own factory located in the headquarters.

After the establishment in 1942, days have passed as we continue pursuing designs for our products that are simple yet has a great presence using our know-how, which we have gained through the manufacturing process of furniture.

We continue research and improvement on our products as we strive to produce products that are loved by our customers for a long time.

With our warm thoughts into our products
Every one of our furniture is made with hands as we care for the warmness of woods, and we wish to help our customers color their daily life beautifully. Thinking of the smiley faces of our customers, we continue delivering quality furniture from our factory with an abundant nature.
aboutus3 Our abundant experience and technologies
With Mt. Aso as its origin, Chikugo River runs through the northern part of Kyushu region from east to west. The currently-seen furniture industry has developed around Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture with Chikugo River as its center. We at Takano Woodworks established the first factory in 1942 in Chikugo area, near Okawa located along the river. We have started manufacturing drawers made with paulownia wood, and have continued furniture production over a half of a century as we emphasize the advantage of woods. Today, professionals of furniture making, from experienced craftsmen to young staff in next generations, devote themselves to do their work every day with the mind of professionalism.
Combination of the experience of craftsmen and
state-of-art equipment

Our big and wide factory is well-organized inside in a thorough manner. Within the factory, machines, from usual wood-processing machines including NC routers, pressing machines, etc. to state-of-art equipment, which allows us to make an adjustment within a range of 0.1 mm, and our staff are working together in a balanced manner. Our furniture, produced after going through various processes by greatly-experienced furniture craftsmen and our advanced machinery technologies, has high quality as attentions are paid even to the details.
aboutus5 To produce quality furniture
Takano’s furniture is made using high quality machines and great techniques that enhance the characteristics of the machines, as well as the passion of craftsmen to produce quality products. We pay precise attentions even to a tiny scratch or dirt as we don’t want to disappoint the users. We strive to make furniture in a precise way.


From our factory, we deliver the feeling of furniture.