Basic Policy regarding Protection of Personal Informationprivacy

Aiming to be a company that is safe, trustworthy and reliable, our company handles personal information in an adequate, accurate and safe manner from our position, where maximum respect is paid to human rights and privacy, and we declare the followings as we believe it is our mission in society to protect such information from false leakage and a use for an adequate purpose.

1.Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information within a range necessary for the provision of services for the users. For other purposes, we notify our customers of the purpose of the use prior, and use it only with permission.

2.Use of Personal Information

Our company uses personal information within a limited range of purposes. However, in the following cases, we may use the information for other purposes of use.

【1】In case where we obtain the permission from the users, 【2】in case where the information is used after being processed into a state, with which an individual cannot be identified (*1), 【3】in case where the provision of the information is ordered by the laws, etc.

3.Provision of Personal Information

Our company does not pass on the personal information of users to any third parties (*2) without a consent from the user, except a case where orders by decree take place, etc.

4.Adequate Control of Personal Information

Our company maintains personal information in an accurate and up-to-date state, while we strive to prevent the leaking, loss, damage, falsification or illegal access to the personal information.

5.Confirmation / Amendment, etc. of Personal Information

In case where the users request us to disclose personal information, we confirm the details of the request and respond to them in accordance with the rules on the Provision, etc. of Personal Information. Also, in case where the users request us to amend the information because the details are not true, etc., we will examine and respond to them in an adequate manner.

6.Contact Us

当Please contact to the following for inquiries in regards to our privacy policy and the personal information of the users.

Personal Information Inquiry Office:
Takano Woodworks Co., Ltd.
911 Ooaza Tomihisa, Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture 833-0044
Phone: 0942-53-7813
Fax: 0942-52-4676

7.Compliance with Laws and Improvement of Personal Information Protection Systems

Our company complies with any Japanese laws and other regulations related to the protection of personal information while reviewing the articles of the above laws accordingly in order to continuously update the systems for personal information protection.

* This policy applies not only to the personal information of the users, but also those stated above apply to all the personal information of our employees and anyone relevant to our company. *1: The term “process” herein does not means to mask individuals by simply deleting information such as individual’s name, etc., but it means to make the information be in a state, where it is impossible to determine the body of such information by any means. *2: The term “third parties” herein means groups or individuals other than the body of information and recipients (business owners), and these parties that do not apply to original purposes of use, or that do not have a permission of the body of the information for the use of such personal information.