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This website ( hereinafter referred to as “This Website”) is operated by Takano Woodworks Co., Ltd. Users are required to read the following terms of use prior the use of this Website, and to agree to the terms. Please be aware that the details of these Terms may change without prior notice.

1.Our Service

【1】 In order to access to this Website for use, the users are required to undertake costs and responsibilities upon themselves to organize devices, software, methods of telecommunications, which are necessary for adequate connections and operations.
【2】Currently this Website provides information on “high field”, but in the future, it may add, amend and/or delete various services.
【3】Our company does not take any acts of guarantee for services provided / related to this Website. Also, our company does not bear any responsibilities for the loss of the users due to the uncertainty or cancellation of the services provided by the Website. Please refer to the “Disclaimer” page for the further information.

2.Personal Information

Personal information of the users obtained via the use of this Website, which includes their name, email address, residential address, phone number, etc., is handled in accordance with the “Privacy Policy,” which is stated separately.

3.Intellectual Property Rights (Copyrights, etc.)

【1】The programs, product images and other intellectual properties within this Website, attribute to our company. Users may use such information only for personal purposes. Any use beyond this (including duplication, transmission, transfer, secondary use, etc.) is prohibited without explicit permission from our company.
【2】The trademark of “high field” may not be used without our permission as it attributes to our company.

4.Prohibited Behaviors

【1】Users are prohibited from any of the following behaviors.

  • 1)Behavior that causes or may cause losses or damage to third parties or the Company
  • 2)Infringement of the properties, honors, privacy, etc. of third parties, or behaviors that may cause such infringement
  • 3)Behaviors that infringe public order or other behaviors that threatens such.
  • 4)Submission of false statements or applications including a registration of email addresses of a third party.
  • 5)Use or provision of harmful programs including computer viruses.
  • 6)Distribution of spam emails and/or email magazines without the permission of a recipient.
  • 7)Other behaviors that infringes or may infringe laws
  • 8)Other behaviors that our company deems to be inappropriate.

【2】Users shall agree that our company may ask the users for compensations in case of any infringements stated above.


【1】Our company carefully prepares and control all the information posted on this website, however, we do not guarantee its accuracy and completeness.
【2】Our company may, without prior notice, cancel or suspend the operation of this Website, or amend the whole or part of the information posted on this Website.
【3】Our company bears no responsibilities for any damage occurred after users used this Website or they were not able to access to it, and any other damage caused by third parties of data writing, false access, commenting, email submission, etc.